Launching our unique invitation

We would like to invite you to gather together a few friends for a couple of hours - around your kitchen table, in your lounge or at your local pub - to do something extraordinary. To begin ‘The BIG Conversation’…

​'My Wishes, My Way' is an interactive workshop created by Dandelion Farewells, to help you understand and explore the many funeral choices that are available, both for your own funeral and also the arrangements for a loved one.

We have developed 'My Wishes, My Way' as a free workshop for anyone who is willing to learn about the decisions that will need to be made on your behalf, the choices and costs around funerals and the things that your family will need to know about your wishes.

We are available to come and spend a couple of hours with you and a few friends to share information so that you can make a few notes, and leave some helpful information for your family. By learning about what is possible, and maybe even planning ahead, not only can you save your family the worry of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted, you could also put your stamp on your last celebration, ensuring that it reflects what is important to you.

The format for the workshop is very informal; it won’t be depressing and is very likely to include a good deal of laughter! We’re happy to meet wherever you feel most comfortable, morning, afternoon or evening. We estimate that the session would take about two hours, and it would be good to have 4-6 people, so everyone has a chance to chat and ask questions.

There is no charge for the workshop. We believe this is such an important conversation that every family and community should have so we are offering our time for free, ‘paying it forward’ in our community. If you, or any of your guests who come along, ‘valued the value’ of the workshop, we would love you to support the work of Winston’s Wish, the child bereavement charity, and there will be an opportunity to make a private donation if you would like, but it is not obligatory.

‘The Big Conversation’ is a campaign of the organisation ‘Dying Matters’ – this also covers the broader issues of end-of-life care, organ donation and financial planning. We will have information available on these issues too.

We would love to hear from you if you would like to invite Dandelion Farewells to help you host a 'My Wishes, My Way' Big Conversation for your friends.

It could be the most important conversation you ever have.

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