A round of applause for everyone!

At the heart Dandelion Farewells is our connection with the families we support. We endeavour to serve families with sensitivity, and kindness; professional knowledge and skills. In addition, the relationships we have with other professionals and organisations that we work alongside, matter a great deal to us. Therefore, we are delighted to have been recognised in two recent awards programmes, thank you to all those who have nominated us, we sincerely appreciate your support.

The Good Funeral Awards are wholly independent of the funeral industry and supported by consumer advocates the Good Funeral Guide and the Natural Death Centre. Dandelion Farewells was shortlisted for the category ‘Most Promising New Funeral Director 2015’.

The Good Funeral Guide http://www.goodfuneralguide.co.uk/ was the core inspiration for Dandelion Farewells, so to be recognised in 2015 for the quality of the support we offer, is wonderful. We are thrilled to have come this far since January!

Founder of the Good Funeral Guide, and chief judge, Charles Cowling:

“Since first meeting Judith in 2014, when her concept for a modern funeral service was mostly embryonic and uninformed by hands-on experience, I have followed her progress with great interest. Here, I thought, is a person who marries ideals with market awareness, altruism with outcomes; a person propelled by values of the heart harnessed alongside a shrewd awareness of logistical and consumer realities. Her high intelligence and her background in social work predisposed her, in my view, to create a sound, much-needed, contemporary business model which would be both admirable and successful.

In the short time since she launched, Judith has more than fulfilled my expectations. Having trained with conventional funeral businesses and learned the ropes, she has connected collegially with experienced, thinking funeral people throughout the country. Her offer to funeral shoppers is neither niche nor iconoclastic, but progressive and attractive to a broad mainstream, and this accounts for her rapid take-off. She has great gifts of warmth and empathy together with a cool-headed mastery of unrelenting logistics. She has brought to market a funeral service of high social value underpinned by business savvy. I take my hat off to her.”

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